Friday, 8 May 2015

Our garden and orchard

We created the garden with the help of volunteers of our community who were Mr Allerby Mrs  Allerby Mrs McQueen and Mr and Mrs George. the teachers Mrs Claridge and Mrs Moratti helped too. the students of waitoriki school all participated in the making of the garden as well.

We used various materials such as wood chicken wire and nails for the fence to keep the rabbits out. we used bamboo as tripods for our beans to climb up. we also planted lots of different types of beans even heritage beans!

the whole idea of making the garden was to keep us busy with our enviro stuff and to have a big school lunch with food from our garden.

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  1. Hi Waitoriki School - thanks for telling us more about your garden! I am excited to see how the heritage beans grow. Keep posting about all your efforts, it is great to hear what you are up to - Donna Davies (Enviroschools)


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