Thursday, 17 March 2016

Stratford Primary School - Having fun making wedges

We went to dig the potatoes from the ground.  Did you know they grow in the dirt.  We went to the kitchen and scrubbed the dirt off.  We cut them up with a sharp knife.  We put them in a big dish with oil and salt.  We cooked them in the oven.  Marlene took them out when they were cooked and the class tried them.   Yummy........

Corrin, Jordan and Kaitlyn
Room 15


  1. Room 15 loved making potato wedges. Mrs Rova loved the comments that were made after we tasted the final product. "Wow - making wedges is so cheap!! It didn't cost much money", "I am going to ask mum to make a garden for potatoes" and my favourite "I didn't know potatoes came from the ground!" Out of the mouth of six year olds.....

  2. Looks like fun!!! We just boiled our potatoes with mint and then ate them covered in melted butter. Could you send our Room 5 enviro class the instructions to make potato wedges? From Mrs Waite Toko School


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