Monday, 25 September 2017

Small Stream Cuisine

                     Small Stream Cuisine

We have been cooking for a few years now because we thought it would be pretty cool if every Friday we had two or three people go into our staff room and make some delicious tasting food. It has developed over the years and now we have got a cool person in the staff room helping us do our cooking called Andrew.

A few weeks ago we started a activity called 'Small Stream Cuisine'. We had some people cooking for us so that we could enjoy some lovely nice food. We used fruit and veges from our garden to bake something delicious.

  We had some people from our classroom set the tables with some table cloths we collected from our community. We also made our own place mats to go on the table and look wonderful. Some flowers were placed in glass vases and a table completely set with knives, forks, cups and plates. When everything is set up it looks stunning.

Eating in Small Stream Cuisine

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