Thursday, 26 March 2015

Technicalities of making a post

Don't let the blog bog you down,
get your students to upload!
There are a few steps to follow to make sure this site runs smoothly!

Label your post
On the right hand side click Labels.

  • Topic: Select one of the existing topics, or create a new topic (e.g. Worms, Compost, Decision making), or select 'other'.
  • School: choose your school (e.g. Toko School), or create a label for your school if its not there. This will make sure everything related to your school will appear on its page.

Use headings
Next to the font size button you can select a preset for the text: heading.

You can also Bold or italic your text.

Add photos, movies and links
Click on the blue and grey icon to add one or more photos from your computer; the word Link, to add in a website you think people would like to connect to; or the movie clip to add a short video clip from your computer.

Keep working on it later
You can save your post and work on it later by clicking Revert to draft.  This means it won't be made public until you choose Publish or if you are making changes, Update.

Always preview your post to check the layout of the photos and text and the spelling and grammar etc. You will find the grey Preview button to the right of the orange Update button.

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