Wednesday, 1 April 2015

How to begin...

As we move through the Enviroschools journey, it pays to pause now and again to take note of where we have come from and where we are now.

Your first school blog is a way to reflect on what you are proud of in your school or ECE. Some of us love to take photos and do drawings, others can put together powerful presentations or videos, and still others may enjoy writing or telling stories about what they have done.

An easy first step is using photos and descriptions (Photo Shoot p259 of the Enviroschool Kit).

Photo Shoot

You will need:
Digital cameras / ipads
Access to your photos from a computer

1. Take ten minutes to think about things you are proud of in your enviroschool.
2. Walk around the school and try and capture images of things that make you feel proud. this may include some things you thought of ealier and some that occur to you as you walk around.
3. Select 3-4 images showing what you are most proud of in your enviroschool.
Where younger students have taken photographs, older students or adults can interview them about their images, asking:
What did you photograph?
What is it an example of?
4. Record the key aspects of these explanations for each of your selected images.
5. Create a new post, label with your school's name, upload the photos (see Using this blog), and write either captions or text to describe your images.

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