Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Worms and Compost

Our worm farm came about because we had issues with stinky rubbish and flies.  Through student led investigation we came up with the idea to create a worm farm. We discovered we had an old one sitting out the back!! We revamped it and set it up alongside our compost bins (made out of recycled wood pallets).

We have a compost bin which classroom scraps are put into. One of our students is responsible for making sure they have enough to eat, and that citrus is kept out. Currently we're waiting with baited breath to produce their first lot of worm wee!

One thing we found over the winter was that we didn't have them covered. We thought they were producing wee but it was just the rain. So kids put a cover to keep dry and also found some old carpet to keep them warm.  

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