Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Murals and Bird Feeders

May Harrison's Mural
Our outdoor art was inspired by May Harrison, a much loved teacher and member of our community who passed away several years ago.  The first mural is in memory of her and was completed at the beginning of 2014.

With the help of our Artist in Residence Barbara Spencer, students designed and painted this fantastic mural.  We were lucky enough to win a Keep New Zealand Beautiful competition for our design and the paints were provided by Resene.

This mural got us all inspired and one of our senior students completed a mural of the oak tree (which is our school emblem), other students created upcycled flower art from rubbish bin lids and bird feeders from plastic bottles.


  1. Hi Gwenda, I think it would be a great idea to put up a photo of your playground and ask for ideas about how Huiakama could liven it up - might be a good way to generate discussion at your end too.

  2. Recycling trash cans lids to make flower mural and making bird feeders out of plastic bottles is a great thing to come up with. Did the kids at your school make all of the cool bird feeders etc. ?

  3. Yes, they did! We did them for Pet day last year and filled them with dripping and wild bird seed! Birds loved it!

  4. Good job i like the trash flowers check out moturoa school please. From Anaru
    from room1 as well


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