Friday, 24 April 2015

Art murals

We started by getting a huge piece of wood and some containers of paint, and brushes. We got a subject to paint each. My groups subject was tuatara. Each group got pictures of their subject.

Everyone had a go doing observational drawings of their subject on paper.  We had help from teachers to paint the outline, their was lots of year sixes to do the careful parts, and the younger kids did the background. Our group painted a brown tuatara. My friend Isis was in another group and they got all the light colours, painting a green lizard.  There was also a komokomoko lizard.  It took as a week to finish the paintings. Once they were painted we hung them up on the outside of the wall by the carpark for visitors to see and learn about lizards.  By Claudia

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  1. I think you should add a close up photo of one of the lizard art works so you can see all the hard work!


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