Thursday, 23 April 2015

Fruit trees

Marco School has a large variety of fruit trees. These fruit trees have been happily donated by Mr Stockwell, the Rural Woman’s Group and our community here at Whangamomona, Kohuratahi, and Tahora. But not all the money that is put into our fruit trees is from donations, we also buy fruit trees with the money from our preserves. Oh, sorry I forgot to mention that we also use the fruit that our fruit trees produce and we make preserves. We sell our preserves and make money from them.


  1. Awesome guys! Well done on getting your posts up. Remember to label them with your school so they go on your page. What type of fruit trees do you have?

  2. Hi Marco school, it was great to visit you yesterday and see your wonderful fruit trees. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and for the lovely preserves you gifted me. I am looking forward to visiting you again soon. I hope you enjoy preparing for our silver reflection workshop! It would be great to see a post after you have explored some of the Enviroschools guiding principles...


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