Thursday, 30 April 2015

Ideas Welcome!

We would like your HELP please!!

Today we have had a digger in who has recovered a huge pile of land. We would appreciate any advice or ideas around what we could do with this area? 

Things we have considered:
- Fruit orchards
- Community vege garden

We are feeling overwhelmed!!

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  1. Was thinking about this last night! Came up with a few ideas...

    - start up a Facebook Group (if lots of families use it) and post photos and questions up to gather ideas from the community. You could possibly gauge the most popular ideas with the number of likes.

    - contact Impact and begin the project with them. They're a local environmental group, loosely associated with Enviroschools, who provide grants and free guidance for environmental projects. They work with people 12-24 years (might be able to slip in at 25!) so both students and yourselves could be part of the group.

    - use Pintrest to gather ideas into one area which you can share between you (and then post to the FB page for popularity), there's heaps on permaculture, gardens etc.

    - investigate having live-stock (sheep and beef) which families could go in on (e.g. $20 a family) to buy young animals, raise them at school, and then end of season families have a freezer load of meat for cheap! They could graze among fruit trees! (my own random idea which I would add to your FB page if you had one)! Having ownership might prevent anything going missing...


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