Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Plastic Bottle House

Just before pet day last year we finished off our bottle house.  Students looked into different types of greenhouses and their costs using Google. This kind was the greenest and the cheapest, and looked simple for us to build!  Thanks to our lovely local recycling centre and local families, who saved all the bottles for us, we managed to get enough to complete the job.

We also managed to get a grant from Phonak to help with costs of the framing. We raised our tomato and cucumber seedlings last year, but we're hoping it comes into its own this spring to raise a lot more seedlings.

The build was really time consuming, and because our kids are littles, we had to do it bit by bit. We could only get a few bottles on each bamboo pole before some lost interest and we had to move onto a different area of the garden. Something to consider.  We also needed adult to cut bottles.

If we were to give advice we would say to pack your poles tightly together for maximum insulation. We might have to go back and adjust our front with a few extra poles.

Our Bottle House

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  1. Thanks for this informative post Huiakama! I know that there are other schools who are keen to construct a plastic bottle greenhouse so your tips and advice will be really useful. How is your fairy and dinosaur garden going? I bet you are really busy planning your paradise for chickens as well. Keep up the posting - it is wonderful hear what you are up to :)


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