Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Why are we posting?

Why would we need a Taranaki Enviroschools blog?
A blog could provide a range of benefits for schools. It is a possible platform for enviro-leaders to:
  • Share ideas, questions, and possible solutions to the projects and processes going on in their schools. 
  • Update on activities or discussions at convenient times, without the travel or scheduling required by a meeting or school visit.
  • Have time to leave considered comments, questions, or posts.
  • Self-reflect on their enviroschool's progress.
  • Search the blog for topics of interest, e.g. relating to a possible future project.
  • Access a record of their progress to be used in BOT reports or school documentation.
  • Get to know other enviro-leaders and build a support network.
  • Decide whether a school visit to another school would be relevant to their own progress.
These are what I have envisioned from my time as an enviro-leader. Please comment if you can think of other benefits which you would like listed. 

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