Wednesday, 1 April 2015

What do I put in my post?

What should we write?

There is no set criteria for what to write for each post - you can write about your learning, discussions, or physical projects. Other schools will be able to ask questions about specific details, and you can edit your post at any stage, so don't be too worried about getting it all down and right straight away. Below are some ideas if you're stuck:

The details: 
What: what you have done, added, changed, taken away, thought about, learned, discussed, made plans for etc.
Who: was involved physically, in discussions, outside agencies, teachers at school, other schools etc
Where: community project, school grounds, online, classroom, shared area etc
When: dates, time frame, what stage of the project, etc
How: how it linked to the curriculum, the process, steps you took, decisions you made, etc
Positives: what you liked, thought was beneficial, easy to achieve, what you collaborated on etc
Challenges: what was difficult, problems/barriers you faced, what you
Improvements: what you would do differently - materials, process, people etc
Questions: what you are wondering about, need help with, etc

An example:
What: Setting up the school vege garden
Who: Y7 and 8 Highlands students, Miss Hammonds, Mr Sleep, Bunnings, Alan (the caretaker)
Where: behind the astroturf next to the native tree plot
When: Term 3, 2013

Great things:
  • Bunnings sponsored the build and provided the materials as well as the plants
  • Bunnings staff helped teachers and students with construction and how to plant.
  • We used a 30cm x 30cm grid to plant
  • Mr Sleep and Alan knew how to build!
Challenges we faced:
  • Trying to find a spot to put the garden that everyone was happy with (the caretaker, the principal, the students etc).
  • Organising time out of class for Miss Hammonds and Mr Sleep during the build and gardening
  • There's a (ugly bright orange) fence around the garden to stop the public going into the area (destroying it), but it also prevents students from looking at the garden and using it easily.
  • The garden is next to a semi-pubic walkway
Questions we have:
  • What's the best way to keep the garden going?
  • How do we keep it maintained during the holidays?
  • Who should get to eat/use the produce?

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