Friday, 6 November 2015

Uruti School - Sharing our Journey

Uruti school is finally an Enviroschool, we are all very excited and we want to share some of the actions we have already taken. We have made some changes in our gardens and we want to share our Kiwi project.

Here are  some facts about our school. Our school is in North Taranaki and we have two teachers, 16 kids and two classrooms. We even have our own school motto, stand tall and discover. (By Isabella and Macy).

Back in march 2013 Uruti school started the Kiwi protection group, when they heard that 95% of Kiwi chicks die before they reach 5 months of age. We have been running  it since 2013 now it’s 2015. The kids enjoy protecting the Kiwi with the community. 

We now have over 100 stoat traps up Uruti road and on our farms. Each person has a responsibility to check the stoat traps every month and to help out. They also leave the kiwi data in the bucket, then when the children arrive at school they get the data out of the bucket and put it on the computer. We give  the person who helped to check the traps a thank you call. 

We have just won an award from the Taranaki Regional Council (By Ryan and Jarhlia)

IMG_0220.JPG FullSizeRender.jpg

The main predators are stoats, cats and dogs and many others predators.

We planted flax to stop debri falling into the river and causing banks to erode. Our river splits the farmland from the school’s property and we have been working  to help the environment with cleaning the air by planting some trees.  We get our trees from ‘paper for trees’ each school is asked to record their paper and cardboard recycling throughout the year and get a tree for an award that they can plant. (by  Katie)

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In our extremely lovely garden we have a variety of vegetables. When it’s time to pick them we cook them into yummy food! We cook the food ourselves but the teachers are with us when we cook. Then when the food is ready to eat we give the school children the same amount of the food we cooked. Every child compliments the food we cook. 

We are planning to plant an orchard, we have got some fruit trees, here are some fruit trees in the orchard; passion fruit, grapes, lemons and mandarins. Here are some of our veggies we've got in our garden; beans, kumara, cucumber, carrot, corn, lettuce and strawberries. (By Jayden and Korbin)

Thank you for reading one of our first blog posts and we hope you stay to read more...

Created by Jarhlia, Ryan, Isabella, Macy, Korbin, Katie and Jayden

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  1. HI Uruti School, especially Jarhlia and Korbin :) ex Toko cool kids!!!!
    Congratulations on becoming an Enviro School! Well done on your achievements in the Taranaki Regional Council Awards. I think your work in protecting the kiwi is awesome. We have a school orchard and we would be really happy to share what we have learnt with you.
    Well done to you
    Mrs Waite Principal of Toko School :)


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