Friday, 16 September 2016

Seed Selling

Last year Jayne came into school and helped to start us with a project called 'Seed 2 Seed.' Last spring we sowed our seeds (pumpkin, pop corn and peas).  Over the summer they grew then last term we harvested and dried our Strawberry Popping Corn and Purple Shelling Peas. We have also grown our own unique pumpkins that are called Small Stream Pumpkins which is the English translation for Waitoriki (small stream).
Ashleigh, Milla and Holly have designed and made the seed packets (we chose a vintage theme).

As a whole school we have packaged the seeds up and now have them on sale in the foyer. 
All seeds are $3.50 a packet or you can get three packets for $9.50.
Poppy counting out our strawberry popping corn to put in packets to sell
our small stream pumpkin seeds drying
shelling our purple shelling peas

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