Monday, 19 September 2016

Uruti in the news

Bank staff muck in atUrutiSchool

Uruti students with BNZ staff.

All over the nation BNZ banks were closing their branches for good. Closed For Good is BNZ’s annual day of volunteering, and more than 3000 pairs of hands were sent to help a variety of places doing a range of jobs. Bank staff have lent their helping hands to more than 2500 projects around the country over the last seven years.
To get some of Closed For Good’s help causes submit their project and then bank employees vote for the projects they want to help. The ones with the most votes are picked anUrutiSchool was chosen. Bank staff arrived at Uruti School at 9.30am and got stuck in to work. Bank staff member Peter Hilliam told the students that they had decided that Uruti School was good place to go and spend the day. The workers were doing all sorts of jobs including painting, gardening, water blasting and building.
’’We really enjoy coming to the community and helping. We got away from the desk,’’ said Karen Goldsworthy.
Some of the students’ parents also came to help.
Uruti children were pleased with the finished product and hoped to be part of the Closed For Good programme again next year.

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