Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Our Enviro-school visitors Day
On Wednesday 21st of October we opened our kindergarten to visitors to celebrate  alongside like minded conservationists.

Once we grouped together we went on a tour.  We started at the worm farms and compost bins, next to the native trolley track gardens, then to the vegetable gardens, herb garden, rain harvesting system above the sandpit, the flower garden, the nesting birds, the orchard, kumara garden and the bug hotel.

Once we explored outside it was inside to see our enviro-school planning wall, the Nga Atua display, our recycling systems, our natural resource and cold glue gun area.
Then weaving with Cordelle Rei, what a challenge.  Pegs were used as extra hands when creating our putiputi or pono.  Kia kaha nga wahine.


  1. This was such a great day back in October. Many thanks for the tour, the learnings and the yummy kai. A big thank you for opening your Kindergarten to others to show what amazing enviro-action can be done. xx

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